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2016 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

Gold Silver
Amara Thanvi

What it Means to Be A Good Friend
By Amara

To be a good friend means you treat other children with respect. This means using kind words and gentle touches. Saying “Good morning” to my friends, and asking, “How are you?” is being respectful. Being a good friend also means giving your friends a choice to play or not to play. I would say, “Would you like to play with me?” If they choose not to then I say, “Ok we can play later.” If my friends get hurt I will say, “Are you ok? Do you need some help?” Being a good friend to other children is all about making good choices. I will always make the best choice for me, not for someone else.

My Super Hero The Firefighter
By Thanvi

Firefighters are very helpful. We call them firemen for short. When there is a fire somewhere it only takes them minutes to get dressed and ready to go for the emergency. They need to go as fast as they can to rescue people or animals from the fire. When the fire trucks are on the road going to an emergency, other people need to pull over and let them go by. The firefighters work as a team to get the fire out. The firefighters make sure their equipment is in working order so they can do their jobs. Firefighters are very brave people. They work in the cold or very hot weather to help us stay safe. Firefighters are my heroes because they save others without caring for themselves.

American Heroes: Doctors
By Ananya

When I grow up, I want to become a doctor and make people healthy and well. There are many kinds of doctors. Some doctors are for the eyes. Some for the teeth and some for everything. To become a doctor you have to go to school and study for a long time so that you do not make mistakes with people who are sick.
They check the whole body to get the pain out and make the body feel better. Doctors work in hospitals and with nurses. Doctors say you have to eat healthy food and exercise and rest well. Doctors are very special and nice.

2015 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

We are proud to announce the results of the Grand Canyon state games! Congratulations to our winners and all of our kindergartners for their participation.

Gold Silver Honorable Mention
Sanchit Vedant Hunter

American Heroes
By Sanchit

Soldiers are my favorite American Heroes. I look up to them because they save our country from other armies. Soldiers do not have easy lives. They have hard lives. Soldiers fight on mountains, land and the sea. Soldiers have sharp brains. They have to live far, far away from their families for our protection.

What does it mean to be a good friend?
By Vedant

To be a good friend you have to be helpful, nice and kind.
Good friends do not hurt, but they support each other. They should play with friends whenever they want to play except homework time. Good friends do not say, “you eat nuts”, to friends who are allergic to it. They share toys and things with friends. They always greet each other and do not tease anyone.

Your Country!
By Hunter

The pilgrims came to America because they could pray however they wanted to. They worked hard for their families. I was born in America. There are 365 million people in America. All people in America can go to school, boys and girls can go to school. In America we are free. When we grow up and we work hard at school, we can become who ever we want to. On September 11th, 2001 terrorists attacked and killed Americans in New York City.
The American soldiers went to war to fight against the terrorists.
They sacrificed their lives for my freedom in America. I would like to thank the military for making me and my friends and brother and parents safe in America.

2014 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

Once again, we are very proud to announce the results of the Grand Canyon state games! Congratulations to our winners and all of our kindergartners for their participation.

Gold Silver
Elise Y. Abhinav S.
Bronze Honorable Mention
Medha T. Mai P.
  Siyaa P.

Being a Good Friend
By Elise Y.

This is how you can be a good friend:
If there is a little kid who has no friend, you could be their friend. You can be kind by playing with them and sharing toys with them. If the little kid gets hurt or falls down, you can help them up and ask them, “Are you okay?” You can get ice to help them. If you are kind, they will learn to be kind to other people. At church, I learned that God loves us and wants us to be nice to each other. When my brothers and my friends are nice to me, it makes me feel happy. I want the little kid to feel happy too.

Friendship is the Best Gift Ever
By Abhinav S.

Friendship is the best gift ever. When we share with others it means you want to be a good friend. If you want something from others, you say please and thank you. When the other person needs help you understand their needs and help them make good choices. When somebody is sad and alone you join, play with them and make them smile. Sharing is caring; you have more friends when you share. Friendship is the best gift ever.

What Does it Mean to be a Good Friend
By Siyaa P.

A good friend is someone who is always there for me. A good friend is also generous and loyal. Good friends are kind and they smile. If I was doing a new thing, a good friend will help me. My mommy told me a story about a king who changed a thief to a kind person by being nice to him and forgiving his crimes. There was a kid in my school who was mean to us. We used the moral of the story to be nice to him and changed his attitude from mean to kind. I can be a good friend if I don’t boss you and I don’t say bad things about you even when you are not there. I am a good friend by acting the right way instead of just telling it to my friend. A good friend does not hurt her friends.

2013 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

We are proud to announce that all of the Kindergarten students from Ahwatukee Foothills Montessori participated in this year’s Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest. Our school swept the Kindergarten level, and five of our students won medals and awards. Congratulations to the winners, and to all of our Kindergarten students for a job well done!

Gold Silver
Maria S. Sean M.
Bronze Honorable Mention
Cassia W. Dan W.
  Alex W.

What is Beauty?
By Maria S.

Beauty is all around us It is nature, animals, birds and also people. All that we need to do is look for it. Beauty is something that brings happiness to your heart.

People need not be pretty to be beautiful. They need to be kind, loving and nice to others. That makes them beautiful. I especially love kids and their smiles. I guess they are the real beauties. I think my baby sister, when she comes out of my mommy’s tummy will be a beauty.

I love flowers, plants and trees. They give shade and do good to earth. They are some of the beautiful things in nature. Rain is one other thing I like. It is so nice to sit on the patio and watch rain. Different beauties and many more make our life and our mother earth beautiful. Look around, explore the world, beauty is all around you.

Get in the Game
By Sean M.

I like playing soccer with my friend Aidan. Our team is the “Timbers”. I like to play soccer because you get to be the goalie and it is a lot of fun to get goals. It is a good exercise because we do a lot of running. Our team shakes hands with the other team after the game.

Exercise is important. People get really heavy if they do not get any exercise. If you are too heavy, you can not ride a bike or do other fun things. If you keep your body healthy, you will feel better and live a longer life.

Exercise is a lot of fun, so get in the game!

My American Hero
By Cassia W.

He has two eyes, one nose and one mouth, two ears, two feet, two hands and ten fingers. He has a birthmark that is a giant elephant that follows him around on his back. He helps me on work like homework. He reads to me He draws and colors with me. He helps me with my violin lessons, so I can play Go Tell Aunt Rhody better. Sometimes he plays tea party with me and sometimes he lets me help him cook in the real kitchen. He also packs my lunch and yummy snacks for school. My daddy is my American hero.

Eat Well, Be Well
By Dan W.

I eat all color foods but I do not eat candy because it is not healthy for my teeth and tummy. If you eat too much sugar it will slow you down. You need to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, meat to get big muscles because these foods are healthy.

I eat all kinds of foods to balance my diet. I like to eat healthy foods to build my strong hear and keep me away from illness.

Fire Fighters: My Heroes
By Alex W.

Fire fighters are my American heroes because they help to keep us safe. They help us put down the fire. They rescue people in a traffic accident. They all help us to know what to do around the water. They helped my dad to mount my car seat. They work around the clock, day and night, in every city and every town.

Fire fighters are real people. I saw them at the super market to buy food for themselves. I saw them in the news on the television. My dad told me our old neighbor is a fire fighter. They have their families and friends. They can fell happiness, sadness, and pain, however, they put everything aside to help other people.

I love to see the heroes in the cartoons such as captain of America, Iron man, Hulk. However they are not real. My parents do not help the other people everyday. I do not know much about the soldiers and wars. Fire fighters are my heroes.

2012 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

Congratulations to the Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest winners and all the participants. We are proud of each and every one of you for your effort!

Gold Silver
Bryan W. Stefanie F.
Bronze Honorable Mention
Aaron M. Sanjana K.
Anushka D.  

Get Up! Get Active! Get Involved! Get Healthy
By Bryan W.

This is an essay about staying healthy. I am going to tell you things that will make you healthy. As Benjamin Franklin said “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. So, we should go to bed early to stay healthy.

Every day you should play sports or exercise. Sports like basketball make you healthy. When I play basketball I always try to get the rebound and score a goal for my team. I also like to play soccer, ice hokey, and baseball. When I play these sports I do not like to sit out. I like to get involved in the game. To stay healthy, everyday you also have to drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods, like corn, tomatoes, carrots, broccolis, and breads. I want to be a healthy boy, and how about you?

Being Strong and Healthy
By Stefanie F.

My name is Stefanie and I am a 5 year old girl. I have big feet. I eat healthy food. I eat bananas, oranges, apples and peaches and a lot of other fruit.
I drink water normally. I drink juice a lot, but my mom puts a lot of water in the juice. I try to sleep very well. I try to sleep 10 hours every day. Some days I sleep a little late. One time I dreamt about a treasure collection. I go hiking with my dad in South Mountain. I got to the top of Telegraph Pass trail 4 times. I was very excited each time. I also like bike riding, swimming and Chinese dancing. I like my body to be very healthy.

Getting Strong and Healthy
By Aaron M.

Hi my name is Aaron. I like to swim and play soccer. I like to play all kinds of sports so I can get healthy and strong.

I like vegetables and fruit. My favorite vegetable is cauliflower and my favorite fruits are cherry, peach, mango, and strawberry. I like candy, but eat it once a week.

I like to sleep. I go to sleep at 8:30 on the weekdays, and on the weekdays I wake up at 6:30 in the morning. On the weekends I go to sleep at 10:00 and wake up when I want to.

I like these things because it gives me a strong heart, a strong mind, and a healthy body. When you have a strong heart you think of other people. When you help them, your love light grows bigger.

A Day In My Life
By Anushka D.

I wake up at 7:00 AM everyday. Then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower. Now my body is clean. I eat a healthy breakfast of cereal and milk. Now I am ready to go to school.

At school I greet my teachers and my friends then we sit together and learn new things. Soon it is playtime. I love to play on the monkey bars. Art and Spanish classes make me happy. It is time to go home. I eat rice, lentils and cabbage curry for dinner.

My mind and body feel tired. It is bed time.

Growing Up
By Sanjana K.

A healthy body and mind comes from exercising, eating the right food and giving the body plenty of sleep. We need to eat a variety of foods that have nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. They provide the energy to play and work properly. Eating healthy food helps our body fight infections and prevents diseases. Drinking lots of water keeps us hydrated. The food plate lets us choose a healthy diet.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables , grains, proteins and dairy. Avoid fast foods and soda.

Exercise can be fun activities like running, jumping, dancing and playing. It makes muscles strong, keeps the heart happy and builds a flexible body. We need to find ways to be active like walking to school and climbing the stairs. Our body needs sound sleep for proper growth of body and mind. By getting plenty of sleep we can wake up fresh and stay active all day long. A healthy body keeps the mind happy.

2011 Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest Results

Congratulations to the Grand Canyon State Games Essay Contest winners and all the participants. We are proud of each and every one of you for your effort!

Gold Silver
Krisha A. Leyna N.
Katie R. Jairus W.
Bronze Honorable Mention
Kunal B. Zubin S.
Chinmayi B. Olivia Z.

Healthy Body – Healthy You
by Krisha A.

My mom and dad say, “Health is Wealth”. Healthy food, exercise and sleep are very important for us.

Food gives us energy, exercise gives us strength and sleep gives us rest. To build a strong and healthy body we should include fruits and vegetables in our food. Exercise makes our muscles and bones strong. Sleeping daily is when our body rests and repairs itself.

As we all know “A healthy person is a happy person.” We should eat healthy meals, exercise daily an have a good night sleep.

Caring for a Wonderful World
by Katie R.

My school taught me about the six pillar of character. I learned to be a caring and responsible person. I feel good about myself, when I help others. I make the world better because I think about more than just myself. Actually, when I think about other I’m happier than I was before. To me, caring is the most important pillar of character because it is the closest one to love and love is the key part of the Pillars. I care about my friends at school. When younger friends fall on the playground and start to cry, I help them get up and go back to play. My heart feels good when they stop crying. I love my family very much. It makes me feel good when I care about my family. I’m very glad my school taught me about the six pillars. I believe caring is what all of the six pillars share most in common. Caring about family and friends makes a wonderful world.

Good Character
by Leyna N.

Good character is trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. Good people are people you can trust. Be brave by doing good things. Keep your promise by doing what you say. Be honest, tell the truth. Be loyal to your family. Respect people. I will help my friend with her problem. Be responsible. Listen and obey the rules. I like to be responsible and fair. Treat people nicely, kindly, the same way you want to be treated. Play by the rules and don’t cheat. Share and take turns. I like to be caring because it makes me happy. To be a good citizen is to know your rights and understand responsibilities. Do the important things first. I like to have good character.

The Power of Education
by Jairus W.

I am five years old and I go to school to learn math, read stories, study the map of the world, and learn dolch words. I also learn how to spell words and study about animals. Learning makes me smarter. It is hard work but your brain gets smarter and you can write an essay like this one that I am writing. Learning and studying gives everyone the power to invent things that makes the world a better place like Benjamin Franklin. He loved to read and study and that helped him to invent good things. He invented a street lamp which can shine very bright on the street. I love to read and learn things. So when I grow up, I can be a smart person to help people and make the world a better place and be a good citizen.

Being a Caring Person
by Kunal B.

Caring means to be kind to other people. If anyone is sick at home you should not run and make noise that they can get some rest and get better. In school when there is a fire drill the little kids do not know where to go. It is good to hold their hands and take them to safety. You could wrestle for fun, but you can not hurt any one on purpose. You can show you care to your mom and dad by helping them clean the house. Also you can donate your old toys to kids who don’t have toys. You can donate the Halloween candy to the troops because they don’t spend Halloween at home.

We have to take care of the environment because we have only one earth. We can take care by picking up trash from the road and putting the recycling in the recycle bin. The trees give oxygen. If you plant more trees you will get more oxygen in the air. We can save electricity by switching off lights when we don’t need them. If everyone is caring for our planet, earth will be a nicer place.

How to Get a Strong Heart
by Chinmayi B.

If you exercise everyday you will get a strong heart. If you eat from the five food groups you will be a strong person. The five food groups are fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. You may also need lots of sleep. It will help your body grow and grow. Some exercise you can do to help get a strong heart are running, riding bikes, and yoga poses. If you do all of these things you will be a happy, healthy person with a great heart. I try every day.

How to be a Good Citizen
by Zubin S.

If I see trash on the road, I will pick it up. I will be kind and help older people. When I do what I say that means I am being a good citizen. I will always respect our flag. I will try to be respectful and try not to talk over other people. I will care and share with all my friends. A good citizen is a caring, fair, respectful and kind person. I will try to follow these through my life.

My Healthy Life
by Olivia Z.

I love fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, strawberries, and broccoli are my favorite healthy foods. They are tasty and good for my body. Healthy food can make us strong and happy. I love sports. It is fun and also helps me make new friends.

My favorite sports are swimming and skating. Swimming helps us to build strong arm and legs. Skating helps me get good balance. Sports can make our heart and body strong. A strong body can make us have a happy life. I like to be healthy, strong and happy in life.